Now Accepting New Students! Amazing Kids After-School Program in Moorpark.

Best After-School Program in Moorpark. Action-Packed Fun + Quiet Focus Time. With Passionate Instructors Who Care.

“Such a relief.” While you’re working hard, we’ll take great care of your little one after school. Our Moorpark after-school program gives your child enthusiastic instructors, group games & activities, and quiet time to focus. #1 in Moorpark. 

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Passionate Instructors Who Care

Parents are always blown away by our amazing staff. They’re focused, enthusiastic, and passionate about helping kids grow. 

Your child is the most important thing in your life. We take that seriously, and that’s why our after-school staff members here in Moorpark care.

Moorpark After School Program
After School Program in Moorpark

Social & Safe. Even Shy Kids Open Up.

School can be an intimidating place for some kids. It’s sort of “every child for themselves.” 

Not here. We’ve worked hard to create an after-school program where kids from all over Moorpark thrive. Group games & activities get kids opening up, having fun, and loving life. 

And our staff are positive influences teaching kids kindness, respect, and focus.

Action-Packed Fun, Mixed With Focused Quiet Time.

Half the time your child is here, they’ll be having tons of fun. Action-packed activities get their extra energy out and keep them smiling. 

And then we set aside quiet focus time, too. After kids get that extra energy out – focusing is so much easier. 

That’s why parents and kids from all over Moorpark love this after-school program.

Kids Summer Camp Moorpark

Best After-School Program in Moorpark. Action-Packed Fun + Quiet Focus Time. With Passionate Instructors Who Care.

The Core Values Guiding Our Moorpark After-School Program


Led by our amazing Moorpark-based staff, kids enhance their sense of respect. We promote kindness, equality, and dignity.


Our Moorpark after-school program helps kids learn when it’s time to play, and when it’s time to focus. During our play time, we get wild (in a good way!). During our quiet “focus time,” we put our heads down and get to it.


When kids have a safe, positive environment to come to every day, their confidence soars. The kids and staff here make buddy-buddy fast – letting kids’ self-esteem soar.


Exercise is more important now than ever. Kids are so glued to screens these days! That’s why our Moorpark after-school program gets kids moving. Fitness is so important for quality of life.

Social Skills

When kids are in an environment where it’s easy to open up – they do. We don’t tolerate bullying here in any way, shape, or form. None of the kids here have problems with that, and the staff create an environment where it’s easy for kids to socialize.


Group games and activity get kids from all over Moorpark working together and having fun in each after-school session. Community is everything.

Mentorship & Guidance

Our instructors care. A lot. Kids often open up to them and receive positive guidance & support. This makes such a difference in kids’ lives.


We’re dealing with kids here – fun has to be part of the equation! We’re constantly cooking up games & activities that keep your child smiling and laughing. We want them to love it here – so you can have peace of mind as you work hard.

#1 After-School Program in Moorpark. Action-Packed Fun + Quiet Focus Time. With Passionate Instructors Who Care.

After School Program | American Mixed Martial Arts

What can your Moorpark After-School Program help with?


"The studio’s transported after-school program where they picked him up at his elementary school, and both adult and high-school-aged instructors oversaw the completion of his homework and preparation for each afternoon's classes. This was extremely helpful since both me and my wife were working, and after-school care was an issue. The greatest benefit over time was helping him learn important life-lessons about friends, how to treat people, how to accept and incorporate performance feedback, teamwork, and the myriad of things that come up in a coaching environment like this. Over time, I really appreciated what wonderful people the owners and staff at American MMA."

- Rita Waybright
"The staff here is outstanding and the kids couldn't be in better hands. To the staff. Thank you, you all are outstanding."
After School Program | American Mixed Martial Arts
"I love the new location near Amazon Fresh and across the street from Target. It makes running errands while kids are in class so much easier."
After School Program | American Mixed Martial Arts

It's the will. Not the skill.

Build Self-Discipline

Your starting fitness and skill levels don’t matter – as long as you put in the effort in every class, you’ll see results.

Gain Confidence

When you step out of your comfort zone in our classes, you allow space for unshakable confidence to grow.

Improve Focus

Mindfulness practices don’t go away when you step off the mat. The skills you gain in class flow into everything you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Children's After-School Program in Moorpark

Not yet! But word is spreading about our amazing Moorpark after-school program, and spots do get taken every day. Reach out now and let’s see if it’s a fit!

It’s easy! Click here to scroll up and enter your info in the form above. You’ll then be taken to a calendar where you can schedule a free discovery call. We’ll chat briefly about you, your child, and our program, and see if it’s the right fit. Book a call today!

Absolutely. While there’s no ‘cure’ for ADD/ADHD, there are things that help. One of them is exercise. When kids with ADD/ADHD have too much bottled up energy, it makes everything worse. That’s why we kick off every session with fun & games that get your child moving and burning energy. The games are also designed to build focus & concentration.

Not at all! We encourage every child to do what they can. No child is ever made to feel bad for their level of athleticism. This isn’t a team sport or anything – it’s afterschool fun & focus.

Best After-School Program in Moorpark. Action-Packed Fun + Quiet Focus Time. With Passionate Instructors Who Care.